"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.
    Life is so endlessly delicious." -Ruth Reichl

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    The Foodie Village Culture

    We aim to expand on the Foodie Village Culture by building Community wherever we go through Creativity in the Arts, Entertainment, Music and of course our Fabulous Food selections! Our business model continues to expand and grow thus giving the Foodie Village Culture a life of it’s own!

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    Variations on the Foodie Theme:

    From a smaller footprint to a larger long-term business operations the Foodie Ventures™ company can host “themes” or Foodie Faires™ from simple Pop-ups to massive special events with a plethora of Artists, Performers, Bands, Musicians, Roaming Vendors (RVs), Roaming Talent, Circus Acts, and all types of unique Entertainment. We like to think of our Foodie Villages as Mini Mobile Music Festivals™.

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    Foodie Pop-up™

    The distinguishing factor of the Foodie Pop-up™ is a 1 to 3 day special event usually endorsed by a location owner, venue manager, promoter, individual or a special event producer and could be a public or private function. These events could be Corporate Parties, Luncheons, Weekend Gatherings, Weddings, Sports outings, and many other Celebrations and Community functions. Our Foodie Pop-ups are short-term and in some cases will have the ability to expand into larger themes such as a Foodie Village or a Hotspot.

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    Foodie Hotspot

    A solid ongoing Foodie business venture. The Foodie Hotspot will usually have a more long-term contractual arrangement with the Location Host or Property Manager. The Hotspot may be an ongoing event but with limits such as a single session or only hosting the location for 3 to 5 days per week.


    A popular use of the Hotspot Theme is for a location needing a Corporate Concessions with special operations to weekly catering for a business community. We can also host construction locations and pre-opening activity during construction phases or for “soft” openings or topping off parties. Not only will this type of a Foodie Hotspot serve to keep the construction crew happy, it would also play the role of attracting a regular clientele which would be extremely beneficial to the developer especially in mix-use construction projects. The ongoing activity attracts a regular and diverse crowd and as it grows, so does the excitement for the Grand Opening celebration of the new property.


    Hotspots are created to operate on a regular basis usually available during general business hours. What might distinguish a Hotspot from a Pop-up theme is the Hotspot could host private or public events during the weekends, where the Pop-up is for shorter terms and not on a regular basis. Hotspots usually host daily dual sessions (Lunch and Dinners) as oppose to just one session per day. Some might consider a Hot Spot as our Foodie Village Ghost Kitchen™, allowing our Mobile Food Vendors to morph into our Virtual Kitchen Partnership™ program. Ask your Account Manager about this exciting project.

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    The Fabulous Foodie Village™

    At Foodie Ventures our flagship premier theme are FOODIE VILLAGES. So what is a Foodie Village™? A solid, very long-term, ongoing Foodie business venture. A concept of extraordinary pleasurable activity, not only celebrating culinary delights, but expanding into Community, Events, Entertainment, Music and Fun, Fun, Fun! Foodie Villages are always long-term and usually require at least 5 Mobile Food Vendors at minimum. Some Foodie Villages can be major special events such as Concerts, Art & Wine and Music Festivals, Weekly Celebrations, Friday Night After Work Bashes, Beach or Park “Hangs”, Food “Pod” permanent locations, and so much more. The Foodie Village model is also a perfect set up for our Virtual Kitchen Partnership™ program.


    The concept of a Foodie Village stems from a popular theme of special events produced by our Founder many years ago. He created International Food Faires presented by his production and catering companies, That’s Entertainment and Mangiamo respectively, offering various cuisines from all over the world at these events. He created a show, matching the delicious international culinary selections to entertainers and musicians, of course to the delight of the guests enjoying these multinational performers along with the custom created menus! Today, Foodie Venture recreates that concept in their Foodie Village projects as often as they can.

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    Creatives and Customers

    What We Do

    We design, create, produce and manage special events, business operations, and on-going programs for the Mobile Food industry throughout Northern California.


    We consider ourselves a “True Partner” of our Vendor Community. We help to facilitate our events through the Food & Beverage expertise of our “Creatives” (our Food Partners) as well as other important services.


    We accomplish this through hard work, dedication, resources, relationships and the experience of producing a plethora of projects and events of all shapes, sizes, color and tastes!

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    We deal in inspired web solutions for our clients based on the rising importance of their online presence for their clients in the global market.

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